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Brush makers show thread. Razor handles also welcome.
I thought Jayaruh had started a thread here for brush handles. But I don't see one.
Well here we go. This thread is a place for showing custom brush and razor handles weather made on a lathe or carved in another manner. This it for the makers of said handles to show what they have made. It's not intended for showing custom handles you have ordered or production products.

Here is my most recent brush handle. A good friend wanted another brush. He picked up this hybrid blank and the knot and asked me to make a brush of similar shape and size to one I previously made him.
This was my first time turning a hybrid blank. It was a little tricky in spots but overall went pretty good.
The knot is a 26mm Two band badger from Maggard's.

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  • Droo78 (07-05-2020)
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That is a beautiful brush. I only have a little experience with a hybrid blank. I found it messy. The results were good though. I decided to stick with just wood and leave the acrylics alone.
This is Jayaruh #333,
[Image: JR-333.jpg]

and this is Jayaruh #334. Both were adopted.
[Image: JR-334.jpg]
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  • GAW9576 (07-04-2020)
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They both look great Jayaruh. I really have grown to like orange in a lot of things lately.
I have worked mostly with wood but have done all acrylic blanks plenty now too. This was the first mixed blank for me.
The acrylic is a little messy to turn but it finishes so beautifully.
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  • Jayaruh (07-04-2020)
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