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The French "Griff's" is a foldable, open tooth comb SE with its own model blade. Folding it opens the razor so that the blade can be replaced, opening it will hold the blade firmly in place. The blade is NOS, and sticks well into its greaseproof paper, so I did not unpack it further.
The same razor is also available under the brand JAK. Recent I got NOS blades of this brand, and shaved with one of them. The teeth stick far ahead of the blade, which means the razor should be held very flat against the face. The guidance is great as long as it goes from top to bottom. Left->right or down->up is difficult, not the best shaving razor, here amplified because of the hundred years old blade.
At the second shave I tried to work with an old blade sharpener, but it was not a big success.

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I can see a bit of guidance issues with this razor------if I used it, A TRIP TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!
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Interesting. I wonder if you could use a modern blade in it if you used an original as a carrier / adapter similar to what we do with an Ender speed.
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With extra carriers the blade hgets to thick. Only thing you could try is make extra holes in the right position. Experience so far is drilling in blades makes them shatter.
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I originally missed this. I have seen these style razors with unmentionable blades. This is a first for a SE. it’s a shame a blade can not be easily modified.
Don’t be stuck in stoopid!!
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