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So SEptember (Single Edge September) will be coming up soon, but since every month is SEptember for many/most of us; I was thinking of doing a Schicktember.  I've got more than enough Schick's to make it interesting, but I also know that most Mondays I try to do a Micromatic Monday / GEMonday, so it wouldn't be a hard fast rule to use ONLY Schicks in September.  Basically, I'll probably be focusing on Schick shaves for as much of the month as possible.

If there's interest, I'll start a Schcktember 2020 thread -- perhaps in the Schick Injector Razor area; and folks can post their Schicktember shaves there....if no interest, no worries....I'll still shave most of the months with Schicks, because they are awesome!!!! Big Grin
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That sounds interesting. I don't have a lot of Schicks but Daily Doubles can make it interesting and I could include a shick as the main razor in each shave.
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Well, I have at least 15 Schicks. I will still do Lather Catcher Sundays and Saturday S_______s, but I would sure be in for a Schicktember theme.
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Sign me up!!! But be sure to remind me. Just saying.
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