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Christmas in August
SWMBO asked my to consolidate some of my items in the garage cabinets to allow her to transfer seldom used household items.  Happy to please her, I jumped into the project within three weeks or so after being asked how I was getting along.  With a waste can by my side, I sifted through one time treasures deemed as junk now.  Three cabinets cleaned with one small one to go.  I opened door number four and couldn't believe what I found-long forgotten shave soaps!!!!  About 40 of them.  Not to disappoint, I quickly removed them from the cabinet and transferred them the my den(with ample parking for shave soaps after a recent den reduction of products!!).  Project is done and no witnesses to the transfer to the den. Everyone is happy with garage cleanup!!  Of coarse I will have to test each of these soaps a few times to determine their promotion to rotation admission, it's a tough job- but hey, nobody said cleaning the garage would be easy!!
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Wow 40! Did you move them long ago or did she sneek them out there?
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Man, that is a lot of soap. Sounds like you are ready for the shave soap-pocalypse.
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Good job Sir. You may proceed along the path.
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