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My first Semogue
I am really impressed. On 31st December last year I've got my first Semogue Torga C3 boar brush. As I understand knot is similar (or same) like Semogue 620, just different handle.

I wanted from long time brush from this brand, so, I am more than happy Smile

[Image: 20210102-232658.jpg]

I also got a Captain's choice ceramic bowl. I never used bowl till now (15 years of face lathering), but I am impressed of it.  Unfortunately I get better lather with gels, than soaps. Any thoughts?

[Image: 20210105-185504.jpg]
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Semogue makes a nice brush.

Just a little history... not all that many years ago one had to "break in" a new boar brush. There were different ways of doing this and over time the brush developed the split ends that was desired for the brush to get really good. Before that day occurred they really weren't all that great; usable but not great. But after the split ends developed, I can clearly recall the event, and one would realize just how good the brush had become. I would just use the brush to break it in and when I had a chance during the day I'd hand lather the brush after letting it dry. For me, after about a month there was that "Eureka!" moment when I realized just how good the brush had become.

I haven't bought a boar in years but there was a defining time years ago when it was quite noticeable that one would buy a new Semogue boar and in one use the split ends were there. No more break in required.
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Congrats on the new gear -- I haven't tried a Semogue yet, but it sounds (and looks) great!
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Nice brush, Z-2. Enjoy.
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I love a Semogue brush! You just need to say no to the bowl lather though. ? That brush is sure to keep getting better with use!!
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