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Hello and a quick question :)
Hello there,

I am curious why there is another TOST forum? I hear TOST2 will be archived, but what is the reason? I see the discussion here but why not transfer all content to new site. At least myBB is old platform, better use XenForo as other forums... etc.

Also, there is a problem with log on, I must to try 2 time to have success. Fix that, it`s annoying. 

p.s. Glad to see old friends here Smile
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Proboards does not allow the data base to be migrated to another site. We are using Mybb because it is pretty simple for people like me to use. I have not heard of anyone having problems with log in. Welcome... good to see you.
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Thanks ! Smile
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I have the same problem with logging in. First attempt gives
Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.
Second attempt goes ok. Funny thing: when there's an alert for me, I get the same error yet the system shows there's an alert and when I click on it I'm logged in anyway.
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[Image: zwelcome-TOST3.gif]
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