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Razor repair and Maintenance.
Well I tried having a very UK shave Friday. I got out my Made in England ER 1912 and my British Made Pal Injectomatic. Then I whipped up a fantastic lather with some UK based Wickham 1912 Irish Fern. This is my first use of Wickham and man this stuff smells great and lathers wonderfully. I loaded a 6th use Gem SS PTFE and started the shave with the ER. This is my second time using this razor. I took a few strokes and looked closely at the razor. I had heard the English/British ERs are more aggressive but this one is mild but I LOVE the handle. Anyway I looked closer and saw that the blade wasn't seated right. Readjust take a stroke look close. Not seated tight. Ok what gives well the blade is shifting all over. Grab my US made ER 1912 try things out, works perfect. Hmmmm. As far as I can tell the blade stops are bent up slightly making to much room for the blade to slip to far under them and making enough room for it to not get properly engage by the back clip. So do I adjust the blade stops? Or do I find a way to adjust the back clip push the blade forward further with would make it a more aggressive razor?

Anyways I finished up the rest of the shave with a pound in the US made ER. Results are a fantastic shave.

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