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Chinese Artist Club Replica
The Chinese vendor Sapphoo is already known.
It makes copies of Feather / Kai razors with Artist Club blades.
As well normal shavettes with hald DE blades.
Already offers the AC blades separately, at a good price.
Now it expands its offerings, not only on modern SEs.

These blades seem interesting to me.
Type Feather (Proshave)
[Image: 9mm6bVK.jpg]

Type Kai Captain (Blue, without guard)
[Image: DtgzBbQ.jpg]

Type Kai ProTouch (Red, with guard)
[Image: kRMuP7I.jpg]
On average they have a price of about € 0.50 per blade.

These days I am doing a test with the Sapphoo Red blade.
This is formally proposed as a replica of the Kai Captain Titan Mild MG ProTouch.
[Image: 78R5790m.jpg][Image: dy5QKGlm.jpg]

The first use (yesterday) was less comfortable than the original.
Even today, the feeling is that the edge is different.
Same effectiveness, but different protection.
In fact it can be seen that the guard is different.
The protections are wider, and less rounded.

To the eye they are very similar.
There are only a few differences:
• welding points, four instead of seven and less sharp
• straight shape of the guard openings, instead of a taller and wider bell shape
• the primary bevel is longer, and the secondary bevel shorter (different angle)
• steel has a different color and texture, due to the lack of Titanium and PINK treatments

[Image: tEaS25k.jpg]
Full size 1500x1500px https://i.imgur.com/tEaS25k.jpg

So the performance, albeit similar, is different.
In the short term, I don't think the real differences can be understood.
I find no abysmal differences with the originals, especially after the first use.
Indeed the quality of Kai is the long-lasting ability of high performance.
I think this detail is difficult to replicate.
Where there is a great desire there can be no great difficulty - Machiavelli & Me
Regards from Ischia, Pierpaolo
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