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Parker adjustable injector
First Parker Adjustable Injector shave, Taconic Blade, Burma Shave Soap, Jayaruh brush, Preferred Stock Aftershave.

Went straight to highest (5) setting on the adjustment dial as I do with all of my adjustables.  Made for a very efficient shave.  The angle is a little different,to me, than my Schick razors but easy to find nonetheless.  It is overall a light razor with the bulk of the weight in the head.  Only thing that if found as a negative is that the guide bar does have play in it and can be skewed when adjusting, but a gentle tap and it is straight again.

~ Justin M.
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Parker Adjustable Injector
Taconic blade
Williams mug soap
Burma shave boar brush
Aqua Velva Ice Blue aftershave

~ Justin M.
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