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Supply Provision Injector
My youngest son gave me the Supply Provision V2 for Christmas. I had the original that I got off of KickStarter. I am piffing it to him.

I made the case for the Supply.

[Image: IMG_1450.JPG]

This is the V1 Supply.
[Image: IMG_1449.JPG]

 The V1 Supply is weighing in at 108 g being stainless steel.

[Image: IMG_1447.JPG]

The V2 weighs in at 92 g because it is an alloy razor.

[Image: IMG_1448.JPG]
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I really enjoy using this razor. I have a good supply of Personna blades in injectors which have basically disintegrated and the Supply is easily loaded by hand. I normally use the V1 in stainless although I do have
A V2 as yet unused. I am sure they will appear in my SOTD pictures at some point in the future.
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You're truly gifted to have skills of fine wood working.

I've got the supply v2 stainless steel before they released the alloy versions. I haven't yet tried the 1 and 3 dots plates. I also got it's leather pouch which is pretty good and thanks to it, the razor has traveled the world with me in Europe, South East Asia !
It's a fine razor indeed.
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