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Whats in your glass tonight
Man I am so glad Glenlivet has rereleast their 12 year again. I know they ran out and replaced it with their no date Founders Reserve which I just could never warm up to. And I sincerely tried. Lol. I just didn't like it...didn't hate either...but the new 12 is G-R-E-A-T! No longer just a good starter malt, it's personally one of my faves.

Oh yes...Teachers Highland Cream is GOOD AGAIN!!!
I remember for years the 2 Great inexpensive blends were Teachers Highland Cream and White Horse. Then Teachers was bought out and the recipe changed and it was grainy and bottom shelf tasting...The new owners were using different malts and more grain...disaster, a legend was lost...few years later it changed again and was better but no cigar...White Horse was still good, but Teachers was a pleasant memory.

Now...Teachers is GREAT again. It's not exactly like it was, if anything it's better than it ever was. This is Veddy Veddy good news. And the price is still right but it's taste is way above its price and with a bit of smoke.Now I think it even holds its own with blends like JW Black Label...YMMV, but in my opinion I think it is more interesting...
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Well. Glad that sorted out for you!
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