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AC style blades
Good day, eh!

When I was trying to get a comfortable setup with the Vector, I picked up some AC blades to try. The Schick Prolines were the best for me in the Vector. But the Vector and I had a short, but somewhat intense 5-month relationship. No matter what I did, riding cap or guard, I could not get my end-goal of a Really Comfortable Shave (full disclosure: I "borrowed" RCS from another user on another forum, as I like it as a goal better than the DFS or BBS Wink ) While thinking about which razor to use next week, I realized that I never tried the other blades in either the Hawk or the General. Any thoughts on these blades? Or whether you noted certain blades work better in one AC razor versus another? I have used the Prolines exclusively since late Spring. But I do have two different Kai blades that were touted in another neighborhood, and recently picked up some Feathers, the Pros shown here and the super pros, which I understand are probably more than I want to deal with! However, I decided that since the Hawk and the General work for me (achieving RCS), maybe I should tinker with other blades and see if something else works better. Or at least as good and I can use up the packs I have. Thanks for any comments/advice/tips and even jokes!    
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Prolines are my go to for everything but everyone is different Eric. I say you have them so sample away and confirm what you like best rather than what's popular.
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Running Amuck !
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I use the Feather Professionals in my Japanese folding unmentionable. They last several shaves, but I am an extraordinarily skilled shaver..... Big Grin

And, I tend to have a few blades rather than a life time supply.  Angel
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Experiment 1: Kai Captain Titan Mild Protouch MG

Wow! Fantastically easy shaves Sunday and Monday, with the Protouch in the Razorock Hawk v3. Up until Sunday I had never been able to go ATG under my nose with any razor other than an adjustable injector. The Protouch in the Hawk felt effortless, which can make it easy for this shaver to get careless. But all went well. After 2 days, I am very pleased with the results. Compared to the Schick Prolines, the Protouch doesn't seem to shave as close, so the tradeoff in efficiency is comfort. 

I think the Colonial General v2 shaves closer than the Hawk v3. Both leave me feeling good after several shaves, whereas the Vector typically gave me a first great shave (building hope that I finally was getting the hang of it), then followed up with irritation after 3 or more consecutive days' shaves (dashing those hopes on the rocks of despair!).

Today I moved the Protouch to the General and had another marvelously comfortable shave. First impressions are that it is a closer shave than the Hawk. However, I will wait until tomorrow morning's shave to make that pronouncement final.
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