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Guten Tag!
Hello everyone! My name is Ken. I live in Southern Maryland. I used to post on TOST2 and then life got in the way.

I got into wet shaving about 8 years ago after it got to expensive to buy cartridges. I started with single edge blades that had edges on both sides. From there I picked up a Schick Type G at a second hand shop. I have been shaving with single edge ever since.

Wet shaving is about the shave. That includes the soap and brush. Shaving cream out of the can is heresy, but you do you.

My go to razor is a GEM with a Pal Super blade. Though I do have a couple of Superior Razor that I really enjoy. Arko is the bomb.

I have enough soap, aftershave and blades that I don't have to buy anymore in my life time. Avon aftershave for the most part does not go bad and can be found at second hand shops like Goodwill.

I have been known to try my hand at making shaving brushes.
Not my circus. Not my monkeys. - Polish Proverb
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Good to meet you. I must have came to TOST2 after you got busy. I hope to see some pics of some of your brushes as I also have made some brushes and other items like razor handles.
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Great to see you made it back.................I'm a TOST3 beginner........ Big Grin
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Welcome back, Ken!
~ Justin M.
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When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself.
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Great to have you back.
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Welcome back! I'm a newbie but am quite happily using my SE razors. I get my best shaves from GEM razors, although I prefer the Personna GEM PTFE coated stainless blades. Have you tried them? You may like them better. I'd be happy to send you a few if you'd like.
New wet shaver. Currently using injector and GEM razors in my happy place.
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Welcome back, Ken. Let's see some of those brushes of yours.
[Image: zwelcome-TOST3.gif]
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We are very glad to have you into the fold again!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the forum! Glad to see your an active participant in my little corner of it too!
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