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1924 Ever Ready issues
When I load a modern blade in my travel set 1924 ever ready it slides left to right on the blade stops It does not do it with vintage blades. Is there a fix? Thanks
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The older blades were thicker, so maybe try a shim under the spine.
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  • CDinVT (02-01-2023)
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Looking at the patent there are two spring extensions (part 40 - on the left-hand side of Fig. 2) at the back of the cap.
I can clearly see them in your video. Their task is to engage the back of the blade to move it firmly towards the blade stops.

Quote:...has spring extensions 40 within said cover or cap to engage the back edge of the razor blade when said cover or cap is moved to closed position, said spring extensions 40 serving to firmly bind the forward corner portions of the blade against the hooks 19 of the spring fingers 17

I imagine you could ever so slightly bend those spring extensions towards the front of the razor.
This should put them into better contact with the back of the blade and maybe fix your problem.

You might want to try putting a bit of thick gaffer tape on the back of the spine of a modern blade to see if that fixes the problem.
If it does fix the problem, bend the spring extensions a tiny bit (one millimetre) at a time.

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  • CDinVT (02-01-2023)
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Thank you. riverrun I examined both my examples after your post and diagrams and that spring was culprit on the right one (pic is after fix). There were some marks on the back side of spring and top cap and the spring was uneven. I guess a pervious owners handy work. I used thin needle nose pliers with rubberized coating on the jaws. I did a little at a time on each side on the ends of the spring with applying least minimal pressure, supporting the rivets with my thumb and test fitted a dummy modern blade every time I made adjustment. I stopped adjusting when the blade did not move on the stops when top cap was closed. It is only those 2 rivets that hold that spring on, and that spring lock ups the top cap of razor and provides pressure on the blade on the stops. I DO NOT RECOMMEND a novice or some one not mechanically inclined try this fix your self and if you do you do it at your own risk and responsibility      

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  • riverrun (02-02-2023)
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You're welcome CDinVT.
It just shows that vintage patents are the best user and repair manuals.  Heart

I always read the patent for a vintage razor I own with the razor in hand.
It makes you appreciate how much ingenuity and skill went into the designs.
If you have a 1912 you MUST read the patent while looking at the razor.
Once you understand how the springs in the head work when you close the head you'll be in awe.
Simple, yet pure genius.

Enjoy your fixed 1924.
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  • twhite (02-03-2023)
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