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March 2023
I picked this Kampfe Lather catcher today at a local antique shop. Is this a 1880 model? Is there a way to use a modern gem blade or am I stuck honing that wedge blade ?
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I think you can use the Frugal Shave wedge adapter for that razor. He has an Etsy store.
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I think that wedge adapter will work well for that razor. I see it has no blade stops. It is a cool looking razor though. Tom White has been my wedge honer.
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Thank you Whiterook ,Jayaruh .I will order up one of those blade adapters. I've been doing some research looking at patents and the few online examples. I looked at the Kampfe brothers Jun. 15th 1880 patent and this razor is dead on the money. I have found some pics of couple model 1880 with stamped holes behind the combs, this example follows the patent drawing being solid. The 1884 model has stamped info on the back and still came with a wood handle. Another thing that intrigues me is the box ,I was led to believe that these 1880 model razors came in a cylinder painted tin there is no room for a tin in that box with the razor.
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Wow. That's a beautiful razor. I wish I could help with date I'd but I'm not that knowledgeable on nailing down the dates. It certainly does look to be a very early one though.
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I have an update on the info on this razor. Through generous the help of riverrun he was able to identify this razor as model 1880 "very likely an HR-P1 head (with a different handle and a box)" 
I also picked up in the same razor lot the other day a mint gem Damaskeene with the original cardboard box at deal .I also went back to the the same antique store today and was able to take my time and look at the displays I picked up a treet razor that was in a gem jr box and a nice vintage badger brush.
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Nice finds!
When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself.
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That's a nice one. I have a similar one.
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Very nice finds. That treet is a favorite of mine. If you can get that wedge honed you should try a wedge shave. They were the original safety razors after all.
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