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The Clan of Catchers.
[Image: sos210926.jpg]
Lather Catcher Sunday
[Image: zcws.jpg]

Cold Water Rinse
Proraso White Shaving Cream
SlimGem Silvertip Badger
Ever-Ready Lather Catcher
Personna GEM SS PTFE
Pinaud Citrus Musk EDC

The Proraso White Shaving Cream lathered well with SlimGem Silvertip Badger Brush. Two passes and touch ups with the Ever-Ready Lather Catcher with a Personna GEM SS PTFE gave me a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse I finished off with Pinaud Citrus Musk EDC. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
Jim - The Cackalacky Kid "Finally, shaving is fun again..." 
The Jayaruh Brushes  - The Clan of Catchers
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I followed Jayaruh's lead and went with the ER lather catcher today.

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